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The Art Within

Come stay with us at Aura Art Stay if you've got the creative edge and are looking to get away for a couple of weeks to paint, sculpt, write, curate music, practice applied /performing arts, travel or simply chill. Meet new artists/travellers, create, inspire and be inspired! 

Aura Art Stay is an art residency cum hostel. Set up within a 3 acre farmhouse area, it offers large outdoor spaces to work in, as well as a fully equipped Art studio to paint, sketch, sculpt or potter around in. Located in the village of Manakpur Sharif in Punjab, India, Aura is 30 minutes away from Chandigarh, the beautiful city created by the French architect Le Corbusier.

Aura offers you a comfortable stay, healthy organic meals, casual workshops and events, a creatively designed,peaceful get-away from the everyday life. Come along to make new friends, reflect, do some art, chill a little and basically have some fun! See you soon!


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TravelOpod Painting workshop

Corporate Event organised for TravelOpod. Book your own here!

04 Jan

October Residency

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15 Oct

August Residency

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13 Aug

Group Workshop 7th August 2016

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07 Aug


Aura Art Stay is the first art hostel in India which provides a fully functional studio space for painting, sculpting, woodwork, and much more for the artistically inclined people and a stay which can accommodate up to 12 hostellers. Along with the stay and the studio we provide our evergreen and natural surroundings in the 3 acre farm to host corporate events, retreats, workshops, camps and art residencies all of which are creatively inclined and have only one purpose; To discover the art within.

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