Best Places to visit in India before you die!

Travel unravels the beauty of an unfamiliar world. It is rekindling childlike inquisitiveness that resides deep within our hearts. Our mind is often flooded with the thought that our life is too short to travel around the world. The world out there is too large, with so many exotic destinations to visit that we cannot decide on which places to visit for the next trip. The choices are seemingly endless with natural wonders, man-made masterpieces, wildlife etc. But don’t let indecision get you down or worse delay your next trip.


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Baisakhi in Punjab: Best Place to Visit in India in April

I’ve always believed that travel is an adventure for someone who wants to discover new and unexplored places. A person who has a zest for traveling must add “visit India” to their bucket list; a beautiful land of varied cultures and diversified traditions.

When planning a backpacking trip to India, you might have all the touristy places in mind, but for those seeking something new, do visit Punjab which is one of the best places in India to visit in April, as Baisakhi celebrations are in full pomp and show. Chan...

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