BBC - The big painting challenge

Two presenters Mariella Frostrup and Rev Richard Coles along wth 10 artistically inclined contestants will conduct a 6 week long artistic boot camp to improvise on their painting skills.

"Mariella a retired optometrist and Rev an astro physicist will come together for an art show which goes beyond the core artistic endeavour" says BBC Arts head of commissioning Mark Bell.

The main change from the previously organised BBC’s amateur painting competition, is the levels of instruction provided. The 10 contestants will b...

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Photography, an art form

In my mind art is a subjectively biased interpretation of the artist’s subject. In many ways, the choice of subject is largely irrelevant, it’s the biased interpretation that makes things interesting and unique.

Artists show their own unique vision of a scene, which provokes a reaction from us, the viewer. Their ‘job’ if you like, is to make us see a scene and to execute it in a way that engages the viewer. The skill lies in being able to translate an idea into a finished product in the medium of the artist&rsq...

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Fine Art Photography

Photo manipulation has always been in debate as a form of art or the one that defies it. But Slovak photographer Michal Zahormacky, a Photo Manipulation Artist gets with both forms and mixes them to create photographic masterpieces. He rigorously shoots, assembles the scenes for dreamy, surrealistic photographs which are free from digital manipulation.

He finds art and focuses more on creating realistic scenes which might seem to be digitally enhances but actually are an effortful play of different elements. Here are some of h...

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Japanese artist spend 3+ years on his artwork

*Images courtesy Chazen Museum of Art

A Japanese artist names Manabu Ikeda created this massive painting of an intricate Tsunami spanning more than 3 years. It is titled Rebirth. It took him 3 years 3 months and 12 days to completely this symbolic artwork of the 2011 tsunami and the subsequent nuclear reactor crisis at Fukushima.

How neatly and slowly he improvised small details in his artwork is beyond explanation.

It stands 10 feet tall and 13 feet wide taking him aprox. 9250 hours, 400 broken pen ...

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