10 Art Therapy Activities to Help You Destress

You don't need to be an artist to reap the benefits of Art Therapy. One of the most therapeutic activities is to create something with your hands, forget about the result and just revel in the feeling of creating something from nothing.Self-expressionn helps reduce stress and allows you to contemplate on that what matters and what matters is you and your wellbeing.

Here are 10 Art Therapy Courses that we at Aura Art Stay provide, these small things is what keeps us going and is the secret to our calm minds and happy hearts!


Make an Art Journal

Take the time to pick out a journal that appeals to you, decorate it with magazine cutouts and paint, make it your happy place. When you write in this journal don't use words, draw what you feel, doodle in your day, paste cut outs of your emotions. When you make it visual, the impact is much more, you'll automatically want to make something happy, calm and mindful.

Make a Collage

Flip through your old magazines, cut out all the images that make you happy, so what if you can't buy that expensive dress or a fancy car, you most definitely can cut it out and add it to a collage! Frame it and put it up, keep coming back to it, make it as vibrant as your soul.


Draw to Music

Put on some soothing sounds and let the music dictate the flow of your hand. You'll enjoy the movement and you never know, you might even create a masterpiece.

Play with clay 

It's amazing how calming a fist full of clay can be. To know that you can make anything out of it, that you can start over and over again, moulding it with your own hands can be a detox like nothing else.

Paint with your fingers

Forget the pencils, brushes, pens and markers. Face the blank page with nothing but your fingers. Create bold strokes, blend with your finger tips.

Create in a group

There's nothing like getting together with friends and creating an artwork. Make it fun and enjoyable just by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. At Aura Art Stay, the art that's created in groups always has more life to it than any other. 

Draw in total darkness

Drawing without the sense of sight is an exhilarating experience. You never know what the end result is going to be. You only know the feeling of the pencil on paper, and you go with the flow.

Make a Mandala

Mandala's might seem like complicated pieces of art. But the trick is that you start with a small circle and just keep adding to it. Making repetitive symbols will soothe your mind. Color it in to see the full effect of your mandala.

Color in a design

The act of coloring in a pre-made design takes you back to your childhood. Imagine you're five again and are trying to keep within the lines. Experiment with contrasting and complementing colors, pick colors that make you happy, hell, color it all in one hue!

Make a past, present and future self portrait

This is the time to reflect upon who you used to be, who you are, and what you want to be. This exercise will let you contemplate on your dreams and ambitions. How do YOU see yourself. Not the world, not your friends or family, but YOU.

You'll love doing these activities with the Art Therapy Kits and you will feel much more calm and creative. At Aura Art Stay we organize many workshops for teams, families, and students looking to get in touch with their creative side. If you find any of these activities interesting and would like to try them out with a group, give us a call and we'll set it all up for you. There is an artist within each one of us just waiting to be discovered, don't let that go to waste.

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