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  • December 6, 2016
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A full-time artist and a part-time fitness trainer, Alex Rodrigues from Mumbai is a bundle of unique talent! A professional Latin American and ballroom dancer is a B.Sc in Chemistry with 2 years of electronic engineering. A completely self-taught artist, this young fellow has invented his own techniques of creating art.

His two unique techniques of creating art include what he calls "Finger Painting" - one in which he uses his bare hands; and "Embossed & Engraved" - one in which he only uses fingernails and paper. He has had multiple exhibitions around the world including London, Australia, Greece, Dubai and Germany; and many exhibitions across his own land, India.

He is a great believer of Jesus and Biblical stories, which he likes to portray in his art in his own unique style and understanding. 

During his stay at the Aura Art Stay, besides chilling with his new found friends Tofu & Fifi, he created a large painting consisting nine individual 1ft canvases which when assembled correctly paints the Great Pyramids of Punjab. The painting is an ever-changing abstract jigsaw puzzle giving endless options to get your creative juices flowing. 

 "I'm a foodie and the first thing that came to mind was Punjabi samosas. I like working with concepts and the samosas inspired one. As for the jigsaw bit, it's something I've done before and used it from time to time."


 "The great pyramids of Punjab is a painting of 3 samosas set in the arrangement of the great pyramids of Giza showing a comparison between the two places and cultures. The pyramids were built to mirror the heavens, Orion specifically. So, the samosas replace the pyramids in the same placement, the lush green grass, rich ploughed land, and the red Nile depict the green chutney, imli chutney and ketchup served with samosas; foliage at the bottom depicts mint leaves garnish and the winter sky sets mood with soft rays from clouds lighting up the samosas."

Experimenting around in the studio, Alex also tried a hand at watercolors and a wooden block. What came up was just beautiful.

Moonlit Passage Ullu Monsoon

He enjoyed the company of nature and even spent a day painting in between lush green involved in his painting that he was completely unaware of the swarm of bees floating over his head. His time at the Aura Art Stay was similar as he aimed to finish well in time whatever he came here to do. 

"Amidst endless hues of green, with orchards of yellows, reds, and colors in between. Sweet limes, papayas, guavas and figs, everyone was free to have their pick. Fresh and green, with the scent of mud in the air, with pretty little birds chirping everywhere. The sight of wood fire a pleasant one, the voice of peacocks breaking dawn. A lounge, a mess and rooms to stay, a loaded studio, a pool, and swings from trees and hammocks to sway. Freedom and atmosphere to think and create, while a study of a curator puts pakoras n samosas on the plate. Tea and coffee at hand as you please, while a sit by the lily pond puts one's mind at ease. Two beautiful labs, Tofu n Fifi, as cheerful and loving as labs can be. While A beautiful hostess gives u lessons on creating with clay, a braided, little coordinator makes sure you have a perfect stay. Delish Punjabi food to lunch n dine and your exhibition opens with beautiful people cheese n wine. Paint your heart out while at Aura art stay, be assured you'll leave a piece of you back, as u go away."- Alex

Our humble, friendly, modest and camera-shy friend, we hope you spread your unique art forms and that your creativity touches the skies and beyond. 


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