August Residency Exhibition

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  • September 5, 2016
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On the morning of 28th of August, birds chirped and the sun shined bright. It was a perfect day to enjoy some art. Preparations for the August Residency Art Exhibition started early, with artists giving finishing touches to their work and handing it over to the coordinators to set up the display.


Most of the morning went in running around and hanging painting on the wall. The level of excitement rising amongst the residents and hosts. This was, afterall, our first exhibition at the Art Stay and we all wanted it to be just perfect. By four most of the paintings were hung and everyone rushed to get ready. We straightened the last painting just as the first guests arrived.


The rush of having one guest after the other walk around the room admiring the hard work of these artists was exhilarating. Sangrias and mojitos were being served at the bar, and the cheese platters were making their way through the crowd as the conversations of Art Residency in India went about. The evening quickly picked up its tempo with the jazz music that accompanied the vibe.


Soon enough a painting was sold, then another and then another. Artists stood beside their works to give the viewer a deeper understanding of the thought behind it. It was a house full of artists, art lovers, art curators and art enthusiasts engaged in deep conversation about, you guessed it, art.


The first exhibition at the Aura Art Stay couldn’t have gone any better. The response from everyone was inspiring and we can’t wait till we host our next one!



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