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  • December 5, 2016
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A 46-year-old, full-time Painting artist from Chennai, NK Baskaran has been painting for over 25 years now. Baskaran post-graduated from Government College of Arts and Crafts, University of Madras, Chennai one of the renowned Art Colleges in India in 1999. He paints like an indulgent, absorbent soul and has over 15 solo shows and 45 group shows to his credit in India and abroad. 

Passionate about his land and culture, his art revolves around nature and various landscapes. The brush heavily saturated in lush greens and deep blues, flows, pours and creates naturally, lands of mysterious beauty. Voluminous trees, misty pathways, boats emerge on sheer white giving it a subtle and peaceful vibe.

"All my paintings are based on my travelling experience which are my inspiration to my style of paintings, one of the greatest motives of my art & craft work is to give peace to the viewers, all my paintings are made to give out positive energy."

NK Baskaran created 7 works of art during the residency, each one of them painted just in 2 or 3 shades of colors, giving a sense of peace and rhythm at the same time.

Boat Series - 1
Boat Series - 2
In the rain

"Farmers walking back home in rain, after a long day shows how important it is to enjoy the little things in life; if any of us who live in city looks at them we might say they have nothing, but beyond all the materialistic pursuits I realized that they have some thing that almost most of us don't, which is peace of mind. Most of us run for shelter when it rains because we don't appreciate rain the way we used to when we were kids, we forget to enjoy the little things in life but farmers, they are young at heart and they are willing to let the mother nature give them the peace they need."

Red Tree Yellow Tree
Towards the light Green Tree
"All my paintings have a deep meaning to them but the one thing they all have in common is positivity, an attempt to provide viewers with peace of mind and to show them how important it is to appreciate mother nature."
With more than 2 decades of experience, Baskaran enlightened us with several creative painting techniques. Spreading a sense of peace and love for nature through his art, Baskaran has come a long way! We hope your art spreads and brightens up more lives!


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