Piyush Aggrawal, October Residency Artist

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  • December 6, 2016
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Piyush Aggrawal is a 27 years old emerging Printmaking artist from Delhi. Post- graduate in Print-making, Piyush is abuzz with propelling energy and has been exhibiting all across the country. With a credit of over 20 group shows, 10 awards and Scholarship from Govt. of India- Ministry of Culture, on his name, Piyush has worked and achieved on the National Art scene. Strongly passionate about Printmaking Art, he specializes in Serigraphy, Lithography, Etching, Collography, Cyanotype, Woodcut & other relief techniques. His works are abstractions, monumental, architectural, interspersed with hundreds of lines- railway tracks, go-downs, walls, clutter, silhouettes- he synchronizes it all into a structural whole.


"The questions that arise for the existence of self to offer a meaning confine my work. The works are an essay of my insights, the continuous fleetness in me raised due to my everyday experiences. It is the sense of satisfaction, the sense of being alive I get through Printmaking artwork & painting that drives me to work continuously."

Piyush worked on a 2X4 ft canvas and a wooden block during his stay. Using mixed media on the canvas, he created a piece of abstract art which he named Paroxysm, meaning -'a sudden attack or outburst of a particular emotion or activity'. Stalwart was created using woodcut print technique on the wooden block.


"My works are a reflection of myself and the observance of surrounding. I mainly focus on nature and that has been created through the medium of acrylic and wood texture."


"My practice often focuses on the formal elements of art making, reaching metaphysical abstraction which later leads me into making more complex works that seem to follow a natural progression of dynamism, tactility and scale. The works are mostly monochromatic often clubbed with digital images focusing more on the spontaneous emotions I go through while engaged with the work of art. I try to create a balance between emotional intensity and formal simplicity. It is about the self in absence."


"I have come across with another level of interaction with different opinions related to art as well as other different aspects through Aura Art Stay. It was a pleasant few days of working there. Food & cooking was really awesome and I have learnt new recipes that didn't happen in any other art residency. There was development in my level of thinking as well."

Aura Art Stay team was delighted to have you over Piyush! We wish you the best for your art career.


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