Sanchit Raj, October Residency Artist

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  • December 4, 2016
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Sanchit Raj is a 34-year-old Web and Graphic designer from Delhi. He completed his BFA in Applied Arts from Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur in 2005 along with a diploma in Advertising & Graphic designing. Working as a web graphic designer since 2006, he's been working as a part-time artist. 

Sanchit specialises in Scribbling Artwork, as simple as it may sound his work is super detailed and tedious. Working with micro tip pens on large size canson sheets, Sanchit creates black and white drawings which one can easily confuse as prints because of the perfection and accuracy they carry.

"My career as Web & Graphic designer spans over a decade. A few months ago I decided to take up the role of a full-time doodler. And I must admit... life has never been better."

"The irony and interplay of black & white have always intrigued me. When these two seemingly simple, yet profoundly complex colours collide, the result is always a peculiar expression that I associate with power."

During the nine- day residency, the young smart fellow worked on a 26X40 inch canvas. Loaded with dozens of micro tip pens and a picture for reference, Sanchit diligently would scribble art continuously for hours. It was inspiring and at the same time intoxicating to see him work for continuous long hours with fine pens on monumental 3D drawings.

"My exploration down the black & white landscape has culminated into these life like illustrations. Created using black ink on paper, these are my interpretations of freedom. This is my expression."
"Aura Art stay offers a unique and provocative space to have meaningful exchanges with artists and art professionals from all over the country. Their brilliant team of professionals and allies are fully committed to honour and enhance the careers of their artists in residence. They are incredibly smart, diligent, vibrant and have wowed me at every turn, granting me access to opportunities I had yet to imagine. An unforgettable residency that has deepened the understanding of my practice and expanded my love for the arts community at large."
Dedicated, patient, focused and hardworking; Sanchit inspired us all with his splendid Artistic designs. We wish you all the success and may your art flourish beyond any limits.
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