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  • August 6, 2016
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Aura Art Stay ended the month of July with bright hues and shades of The Pop Art Workshop that involved fun-filled paint and art games. Held on Sunday, 31st July 2016, the workshop went on for 4 hours. 

Participants came in diverse colours ranging from artists to novices, from college students to 70-year-old's, everyone beaming brightly with enthusiasm and energy. Canvases were kept ready and everyone chose their favourite icon to turn into Pop. It all started with splashes of colours here and there and in minutes all the participants were lost into their canvases.


One could see varied techniques and imaginations, brightened up with colours. There were some who practised Art as a profession and others who picked a paint brush after 40 years!


Some other people, who did not participate in the workshop, went around either practising their desired art form of learning a new one.


Tea and snacks were served around mid-time where participants took a break to connect with other participants.

Re-energized, everyone gathered back in the studio and worked on the detailing and final touches.


Finally, all the canvases were complete and the contentment of having created an art piece could be seen on the faces of participants.

Organising this workshop was an experience in itself. People went back with great piece of self- created art and huge smiles adorning their faces.


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