The Team

Conceived Aura Art Stay because of her passion for creativity and love for meeting travellers and artists. She's a business woman during weekdays and an artist on weekends. She enjoys pottery and once she's in the zone it's impossible to get her out of it.








There isn't a problem that he can't solve. He's the backbone of the Art Stay and makes sure everything is working like a well oiled machine. He enjoys art as much as he enjoys science, which is a lot. He's passionate about sculpting and quantum physics.








The helping hand at the Art Stay, she works to materialise the creative ideas of the team. She enjoys doodling, painting, lettering and experimenting with various mediums. She's passionate about traveling and the design of everyday things.








The social media queen, she makes sure all the amazing experiences at the Art Stay are documented and shared with the world. She's passionate about playing the piano and can't go a day without practicing. She enjoys writing and telling stories.








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