The Write Story: An Expressive Writing Retreat

Book Now!Aura Art Stay | 30th March, 12:00 pm to 1st April, 1:00 pm | Facilitated by Nomadic Thunker

"Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have." — Robert Holden.


Aura Art Stay and Nomadic Thunker bring to you a two-day long expressive writing retreat.

Our incredibly fast paced and technology dependent lifestyles leave us feeling overwhelmed. We awkwardly joke and let out a little laugh about ‘feeling’ disconnected in spite of ‘being’ connected through social media. Is it any wonder then that a majority of us are more hurt, confused, and angry than we remember being a few years ago – let alone a generation earlier?

What would begin happening if we were equipped to express our inner worlds? To ourselves first?


What's included?

6 Session on Expressive Writing

1 Art Workshop

Meals & Accommodation


How much for?

Retreat with accommodation: INR 7500/-

Retreat without accommodation: INR 5500/-


Who is this retreat for?

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t explain what you’re feeling or thinking, then this retreat is for you.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the thoughts in your head, or the fast life around you, then this retreat is for you.

If you’ve ever felt that you need time to figure out who you are and what the **** you’re doing with life, then this retreat is for you.

This retreat is for you if you’re up for a journey of acknowledging the pieces that make you who you are. Through writing, you can explore and understand yourself better than when you speak (and research backs that)!


What you’ll get out of this retreat?

– Gain insights into your self and become more grounded as well as articulate

"This workshop has definitely led to a shift in my thinking process. It has provided me with a lot of insights and tools to help me touch base with my core."

– Learn how to be more accepting of yourself by cultivating self-assuredness

“I am leaving the workshop with a big to-do list and a slightly clearer mind. I am learning that it is okay to be self-compassionate.”

– Channelize your thoughts and feelings more constructively and cope with external stimuli

"I'm leaving the workshop with a great set of tools to help me navigate my place in the world and the belief that I can be in control of how (and what) I think and feel“

– Improve intra and interpersonal relationships through compassion and empathy for yourself and others

“I find that I have stumbled upon a medium to disconnect and reconnect with myself.”

 *Quotes in italics are feedback from previous participants


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