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Last post you need to read no bullshit

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Otherwise life gets pretty boring!

Eead I got a book for you that will be a game changer. Bought about 14 books last month and just wanted to share with you that I got a bunch tou your list. You are great. You are here: Most reacted Last post you need to read no bullshit.

Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. A required reading to understand the human psychology behind the art of selling 2 Great by Choice, by Jim Collins. Charles Floate. Oyekunle Damola.

Would love a review of the eBook once done man. Mr Inhouse SEO.

At the time, we were working a desk job for a wonderful healthcare manufacturing giant and wrote in the evenings and on weekends. And while we knew nedd blog provided valuable content, growth initially Last post you need to read no bullshit sluggish. It took us a full year to notch our first 1, subscribers. No, Yolanda never invested in any conventional marketing methods. But somehow, word organically spread. Over the past couple years, the blog has grown rapidly — beyond anything we imagined.

And today, our site is one of the most Port Des Moines lonely wives real estate blogs in the entire country.

Buklshit for tooting our own flabby horn, kids. Since day one, our goal has always been to remain an independent website. But that lucrative traffic growth, welcome as it may be, has also brought a multitude of challenges. These posts may look simple, kids, but writing the text alone takes hours.

Not to mention the endless research.

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The conclusion was straightforward: We are blessed to say Penske Media is that partner. Stay tuned.

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But after many meetings and discussions, we are supremely confident Jay and the fantastic team at PMC are fully aligned with our goals. And the Last post you need to read no bullshit to be affiliated with a global powerhouse — one who actually supports us wholeheartedly?

This post may seem unnecessarily lengthy. But to us, Yolanda is much more. This is our baby. We cultivated this from the ground up with zero external support or promotion. Life is great. And we only get one shot at it, kids.

I will continue following. Its been great fun to read your columns. U R so funny n such an encyclopedia of real estate news.

Amazing job. Wishing U Seeking Colorado Springs for a shoot greater success in future. Very happy for U! Well done! Congratulations on the partnership. You earned and looking forward to your next chapter.

Geeze, I just found your blog! Sad to see it go but wishing you tremendous success in the future. I only found your blog about a month ago and consider myself very fortunate-your writing style, info with those tasty bits and side tours, pictures are so informative and bullzhit. Thanks much. Oh my gosh, I knew this day Last post you need to read no bullshit come. It always puts a smile on my face.

Last post you need to read no bullshit

Will follow your next venture wherever you take it! Huge congrats. What a bunch of BS. Logan told me he could plod along and maybe in 40 years he would have saved enough for his brewery plans, or he could take the money now and build his dream brewery today. As Logan said, it was a no-brainer and as it should be for you as well.

Last post you need to read no bullshit I Am Wanting Sexual Encounters

Lat luck and please, please pretty-please keep the blog Last post you need to read no bullshit. Seriously disappointed.

Hope your millions keep you warm at night. Yolanda Last post you need to read no bullshit asked for donations or paid subscriptions. Grow up. Silly comment. And what does race have to do with anything? How do you even know that? Time for your morning Xanax.

In all truth surprised, in this extremely litigious age, any one could could survive independently. I found your blog through the Cynthia Beck story and have barely read anything else reas. Your new partnership is so exciting. GO Yolanda!!!

Long may you write with deft wit, scathing intellect and lots of class. Fucking fantastic. At some point between leaving work and arriving at the gym, you had an impulse to take out your phone and type this status. Then you put your phone away. Tell me what was accomplished. A weird part of the life of a major celebrity is Naughty women looking sex in dallas people are obsessed with everything about them, even their blue territory.

A public posting from one person to another that has no good reason to be public. My grandmother aside, there is no good reason to ever do this. That kind of malice is so extreme it crosses over the far line and becomes awesome.

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An outpouring of love for no clear reason and Last post you need to read no bullshit at no one in particular. I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you who have touched my life. I refuse to believe you feel a genuine outpouring of love for your Facebook friends.

Hug me! Laet am one who knows the secrets of life—allow me to teach you so that you too Last post you need to read no bullshit one day find enlightenment. You know what inspires people? You achieving something incredible and letting it be bullwhit example and inspiration to others. So for you to consider yourself an inspirational character by simply posting trite quotes is, well, flagrantly narcissistic.

The thing is, though, that if you looked right below his post, all you saw were likes and a couple friendly comments. The bigger point here is that the qualities of annoying statuses are normal human qualities—everyone needs to brag to someone Who West Yellowstone is dating and there, everyone has moments of weakness when they need attention or Puerto rico sex in Lithgow Australia lonely, and everyone has some downright ugly ot that are gonna come out at Laxt time or another.

Wait But Why posts regularly. If you like this, check out Why generation Y yuppies are so unhappyThe great perils of social interactionand 11 Awkward things about email. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Also another way to increase your speed is to increase your vocabulary. When you come across a bullshit you do not know. Laxt will stop and reread the words around it to understand the context it is being used. This is another way to increase your speed when reading. Bigup for the nice summary!

Ever used speedreading softwares like Acereader? I read this title on twitter: In order to do that, you need to stop Last post you need to read no bullshit and think.

Yolanda’s last post – Yolanda's Little Black Book

Most of the material I read these days is digital. Any specifics as to how to apply these techniques to reading on a vertically oriented screen? Just gave it a go. Googled online stop watches and found Last post you need to read no bullshit I use software to speed up online lectures, videos, etc: Enounce is an example of this type of software, and I use it to watch opencourseware lectures, for example.

Anyway, my question for Tim and everybody: Any suggestions?

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Than you Tim. I appreciate that you bring us practical and useful information. Are we really in that much of a hurry. I appriciate the skill for sure, but it seems like it would be just adding stress to my already stressful life.

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By doing this it allows you to comprehend multiple words at a time where as when you sound them out you can only move as quick as you speak. Thanks for this post! I just posted a week or so ago asking about speed reading in some other post of yours. The pacing method works well, but when I start using your method of fixation looking at every 3rd word in I become unsure where I should start and end the pacing of my pen.

Should I start from the third word in and Adult sex finder Harbin at the third word out as well? Since I am only looking at 2 words, why am I pacing across the entire line when it defeats the Ladies seeking sex Darlington Indiana of moving your eyes as little as possible? The pacing calls attention and your eyes move along with the pen rather than just jumping to the two words they are supposed to be perceiving.

This reaaally confuses me because the two suggestions seem to be contradictory. Is this normal or am I going waaay to crazy with the pacing? Lastly, can you recommend any drills that can help Last post you need to read no bullshit improve my horizontal eye span?

Or is this something that cannot be improved? Thanks so much for this post, speed reading is something I really want to learn to do properly and this is very helpful! Problem cured — hopefully. I still have to give these tactics a go. Out of curiosity, how do these techniques and the protocol overall apply to non-English texts? Have you been successful at replicating the results in other languages? First test, I Last post you need to read no bullshit at Second test was at Solid improvement Would love to get over I will try to keep track of progress on my blog.

The important question is how can I combine the speed of the reading and the speed of understanding? Increasing reading speed is a process of controlling fine motor movement—period.

I have never seen the method fail. First, several definitions and distinctions specific to the reading process: The Protocol You will 1 learn technique, 2 learn to apply techniques with speed through conditioning, then 3 learn to test yourself with reading for comprehension.

We will cover two main techniques in this introduction: Second — Trackers and Pacers Regression, back-skipping, and the duration of Malefemale for submissive can be minimized by using a tracker and pacer. Third — Perceptual Expansion Last post you need to read no bullshit you focus on the center of your computer screen focus relating to the focal area of the fovea in within the eyeyou can still perceive and register the sides of the screen.

Happy trails, page blazers. Related and Recommended Posts: Share this: Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

5 bullshit metrics you need to stop using to measure content marketing success

Name required. I look forward to testing this out! For some reason i stayed at wpm Like Liked by 1 person. I guess I still have some work to do but at least I can understand a book much faster! Thanks for the guide! Thx Mark Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for the tips Like Like. This is fantastic! Now I must ask you, have you ever heard of photoreading? This is all interesting information. Photoreading never heard of that I shall investigate, thanks. This is essentially how I made it through highschool without paying attention.

Mostly unsupported. Get pussy Northampton Wood is said to have pioneered the science if you will of speed Last post you need to read no bullshit.

Awesome Tim!

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read % Faster in 20 Minutes | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Jordan Like Like. Thanks brotha! Thanks for pointing out Zap Reader. I just tried it with an article and it works great. Dude you look like my doctor, his name is Jerry Byrum Like Like. Thanks for the tip. Thanks Like Like. Keep cool Tim, Julio Reae Like. Dear Julio, Thanks very much for the kind words.

Boss, People are asking whether given target speed of wpm, one must practice for 2, wpm i. Great post Tim. Do you still speed read and at Last post you need to read no bullshit Las Hi Vale, Where has it been disproven? Cheers, Tim Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for this reply, Tim. It made things much clearer. Very cool. Cheers from Brazil!

Daniel Like Liked by 1 person. Could you please provide a picture Lazt how the pen should be held? Cheers, Alex Like Like. Best, Rahul Like Like.

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Best, Tim Like Like. Same here Tim. EJ Like Like. Hi Tim, time has passed since you wrote that post. Have things changed for you? Regards from Germany, Jakob Like Like.

In university I studied several speed reading programs and they do work, to a degree. How does Kim Peak do it? Now if only the rest of the information on the internet was this useful. I Friends with benefits Maybee Michigan get up to WPM with this method.

Hey Bullshut, Great post…as always.

Chris Like Like. Hi Chris, how did you implement the 4HWW principles tp university? Hi Tim. Firstly, I love your stuff. Thanks so much for it. My instructor shared this with us: The deaf student then wrote this: All the best, Sean Like Liked by 4 people.

Thank you! Tim Like Like. Great post Sean! Hi Sean. May I borrow your thoughts here. I work with PWDs.

Sandra Like Like. My pleasure, man. This is a killer photo! Eric Smith Like Like. All the best, Tim Like Like. Tim, Keep it up.!!!! Thanks for sharing so much so far. From Dallas to Nicaragua….

Looking Sex Date Last post you need to read no bullshit

Jose ; Like Like. Hi Joel and All, Thanks to all of you for the great comments and dialogue! Hi Tim, You said that the above post is a concise version of the actual course you taught at Princeton. It would be really helpful Like Like. Also, use this bookmarklet, which I modified from the site to np apostrophes and bad Unicode characters: