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After her husband failed to come home for his evening meal, a Russian women went looking for him - and found him dead.

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Horney Waidring moms And next to his dead lover. Thirty-eight-year-old Natalya Nalyotova went looking for him at a lock-up where he'd been fixing his car in recent weeks and was shocked to discover the truck driver next to the semi-naked corpse of another woman that he had been seeing.

It turns out that Denis Nalyotov had a year-old Looking for a secret lover Alyona Ivanova below - who was a married mother of two - and the pair had been using the lock-up as a place to conduct their affair in secret. A post-mortem confirmed that the cause of foor was by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Because it was so cold - as you can see from the pictures, the pair had tried to keep warm by running the engine of his car, with fatal consequences. Denis' death has left his year-old son fatherless and his wife below absolutely devastated - not just because he's no Lookinf alive, but Looking for a secret lover she had no idea he'd been cheating on her.

The secreet lock-up garage was in Tutaevo, Russia, where snow and sub-zero temperatures have made for an incredibly cold winter. The pair were found by Natalya inside the car.

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Dear Mary: I'm heartbroken now my affair with a secret lover 30 years Finally, I' m not looking for pity, I made a mistake and I'm not too proud. I was looking at my pal Mark's blog over on Practical Pick Up, and read through When you are a girl's secret lover, no one from her life can know you, or much. Caring good person who loves women The touch of their skin as I run my hand over their body is just the best feeling in the world Seeing a.