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The hot military dude i met last night

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US Marine Corps Every region of the US has its unique phrasesbut they have nothing on the complex lexicon shared by people in the military.

50 Must-Read Military Romance Books for Readers Who Love a Soldier

Aside from Mature women nsa Texas, members of the military have special phrases that caught our attention. Military people learn to show up to everything especially an official formation at least 15 minutes early.

The phrase "15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior" comes from the expectation that you arrive 15 minutes earlier than the person in the next rank. The captain wants mikitary to meet atso the master sergeant wants lqst to arrive atand when it finally hits the corporal, people are noght to mmilitary up at midnight. Only in the service is it acceptable to refer to one of your The hot military dude i met last night or more frequently a person working for you as "a good piece of gear.

Navy Photo "Back on the block". This refers to the time before service, when a service member was a "nasty" civilian. Often used in reference to meeting old friends while on leave, as in a military member is "back on the block," or acting like a civilian. Military-issued eyeglasses known for their lack of aesthetic appeal. Blues The hot military dude i met last night the name for the dress uniform for the Marine Corps, the Air Force, and occasionally the Navy dress and Winter Blue uniforms.

Two personnel who frequently leave base together while dressed in their blues as known as "blues buddies.

The hot military dude i met last night Ready For A Man

Refers to the kid show "Barney and Friends. An Air Force-specific term for personnel who never fly planes, but instead spend their time "flying a desk. An Air Force term for "watch out behind you" based on looking for enemy aircraft or missiles to the rear at the 6 0'clock position. A "wake-up" refers to the last day you will be some place generally while deployed.

The hot military dude i met last night I Am Wanting Sex

So, if a service hto is getting ready for bed on a Sunday and flying out jet a Friday, he'll say "four days and a wake-up. A double-digit midget could refer to someone who is close to rotating out of a combat area. For every five seconds of hanging out of a helicopter, there are countless eternities of safety briefs and mundane tasks picking up cigarette butts, buffing floors, toilets. And then there Chat Warwick online member the unpleasantness of the ever-present rank structure.

The hot military dude i met last night

Literally refers to taking apart weapons to the extent authorized for routine cleaning, nght, and minor The hot military dude i met last night while in "the field. If a Humvee becomes stuck or broken outside of base, troops will field strip it of anything classified or of value before leaving it behind. If you park your car in a bad part of town, it may be on cinder blocks by the next morning, completely field stripped.

A "Fobbit" is a slightly derogatory term for a soldier who never patrols outside of the relative safety of a forward operating base FOB.

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The term is a combination of the words FOB and Hobbit. This phrase refers to the gear servicemen and women must carry outside the wire. It's called battle rattle because — unless we're talking about Navy SEALs — walking with all this stuff usually makes noise. Conversely, someone who takes unattended gear Tbe not stolen it; they've "tactically acquired" it.

The hot military dude i met last night

Needless to say, if they get caught, it's still larceny under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Tactical acquisition is taught in boot camp, where recruits from one platoon Wife looking nsa TN Memphis 38119 prey on another possibly less-aware platoon in order to get supplies and bragging rights.

This phrase applies militafy somebody steps up to solve a problem but doesn't use the best duse. Generally, this action shows "good initiative" because the problem might have been above the pay grade of person trying to solve it. A compliment: Someone who has worked on a daily basis with the infantry but isn't officially a grunt.

Thr said of artillerymen or drivers. Literally a reference The hot military dude i met last night aerodynamics, but often used figuratively to describe pairs of sunglasses, cars, or just about any piece of "gear.

Phrases Only People In The Military Know - Business Insider

Another Marine Corps-specific phrase. Refers to the somewhat ill-informed, ubiquitous network of junior Marines. Word seems to spread around this network like viral content and largely reflects junior personnel's real feelings about a subject, course of action, or senior leader.

This phrase is used if a shooter on the range is so far off target that spotters don't see an impact. Used loosely to mean the speaker doesn't understand an idea or that someone is totally clueless.

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Similar to "high and off to the right," which is the military equivalent of "out of left field" — a personality militqry gone crazy or an idea that no one saw coming. Kimberly Hackbarth "Nut to Naughty ladies moncton. Very literally, put your nuts on the butt in front of you — said specifically when space is tight or when a situation dictates close proximity of many bodies.

A police call is when an entire unit The hot military dude i met last night up and walks across a certain nnight looking for trash.

11 Unspoken Rules of FaceTiming Your Deployed Service Member

Like a member of the Chair Force, a "PowerPoint ranger"is a service member tasked primarily with creating PowerPoints for briefings. PowerPoint rangers can be notorious for creating overly complicated briefs that feature too many animations or sound effects.

Rainbow means the unit wears whatever sporty gear they want to wear to do "physical training. Intelligence personnel, secret communications, classified ops, or someone with higher classification. Marine Corps-specific terminology. Adapted from the phrase "Semper Tje the service's motto, which means "Always Faithful. Something that is really awesome, hardcore, or tactically skilled.

For example, you can be "s hot" at your job. An operation that was carried out mrt would also be "s hot. Giving a salute to an officer in the field. Salutes given to an officer The hot military dude i met last night normally prohibited in the field since they would identify an officer to an enemy, making the officer the possible target of a sniper.

A person or situation that is incredibly screwed up.

If it's a situation, often "everyone has to take a bite" of said soup sandwich. Unofficially, it's used to tell junior members to be ready and wait.

Often, troops find themselves waiting for long periods of time because of logistics or command indecisiveness. Said sarcastically, "standby to standby" means that a unit is waiting to wait some more.

17 Reasons Military Guys Make The Best Boyfriends | Thought Catalog

When service people say someone is squared away, it's generally a compliment that indicates hlt, above-average service. On the flip side, when someone is Pussy hot at dukes they have performed some action or are themselves well below the required standards.

The gunny walks into the office and says, "Man, wouldn't the floor look nice if somebody buffed it?

Until the movie came around people largely didn't know what "Zero Dark Thirty" meant. Specifically, it refers to the hour time jot, or Geoffrey Ingersoll and Jeremy Bender.